Yusuke Hoguchi

Composer, Songwriter, Arranger and Producer


Hoholulu, Hawaii

Yusuke Hoguchi photo






Leading Music Composer, Songwriter, Arranger and Producer since the 1970s, with rights to

over 500 original songs he composed over the years, many of which are considered classics in

Japan. Studied at Nihon University College of Art.


Select Awards. He received two major internationally recognized awards - The Japan Record

Awards - equivalent to the U.S. Grammy Awards. Nearly 50 of his songs reached the Top 100,

10 reached in the Top 10, and 1 recorded sales of over 1 million copies and reached No. 1 on

the Oricon hit chart.


Discography. Over 90 musical credits recorded, with recent activities including “Goog Became

a King” (2017), Sachiko Kobayashi single “Hyakka Ryouran Appale Jipang” (Fabulous Japan!)

(2016), “GG Electronic Blue” (2016), a Candyroid album (2016), Candies album “Memories FOR

FREEDOM” (2015) and Mie Nakao album “Surechigai - It’s My Life” (2015).


Select Activities

1964-1970 Member of a popular rock band, The Out Cast, whose music was produced by

               industry leading Watanabe Music Inc.


1971-1981 Heavily involved in composing and songwriting, including numerous hits for the

               legendary Candies, Hiromi Go and a movie soundtrack for “Shiosai” by Yukio

               Mishima. Served as judge on a Fuji TV hit show “Kimi Koso Star Da” (1975).


1982-2012 Founded AMVOX Inc., a music publisher and professional music school, with

               annual enrollment exceeding 300 students. He served as president for 30 years.


1995-2010 Elected three times by members to serve as JASRAC Councilor Member. A

               regular member of JASRAC since 1971.


1998-        Founded music publisher Music Gate Inc. and a studio in Honolulu and over time

                increased activities in the United States, releasing his own original and other

                music, including through Warner Music Group.


Memberships. BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.), ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers

and Composers), AFM (American Federation of Musicians), JASRAC (Japanese Society for

Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers) and J-SCAT (Japan Songwriters & Composers




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