Y U S U K E  H O G U C H I


1964 : Started working as a professional keyboard musician in a band.

1966 : When he was 18, he was the youngest most successful studio musician in Japan's music industry. He played keyboard, piano & organ for 10,000 recording sessions while attending Nihon University, College of Art in Tokyo. He studied Jazz theory, Orchestration, and started composing by 1971. He began new career as a composer and arranger, wrote & produced many popular songs including Kids TV songs in Japan.

As a member of JASRAC a Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, he received multiple awards, for instance, best hit song awards, and compose awards for many years.

Some of his award-winning titles are: HARUICHIBAN, TOSHISITA NO OTOKONOKO, HOHOEMIGAESHI, RINGO SATUJINJIKEN, POCKET IPPAINO HIMITS, SHIOSAI (sound for YUKIO MISHIMA literature movie) or 500 hit songs.These songs and their royalties are currently managed by BMI(Broadcast Music, Inc),United States performing rights organizations. In 1974, he was on the panel of judges at FUJI TV's program [KIMI KOSO STAR DA], similar to American Idol in the United States.

In 1982, he built his own music publisher corporation, a professional music school named AMVOX (Active Music for Vocalization for Original Expression) specializing in American Jazz & Rock music, and a studio in Harajuku in Tokyo. AMVOX had annual enrollment exceeding 300 young students in a year and he managed it over 30 years as its president & principal. The curriculum covered composition, singer song writer, guitar, computer courses and more for young people who wanted to become professional in the industry. Many students eventually became composers of big music hits, professional musicians, and other music industry professionals.

In 1989, he served as board of director in JCAA, a Japan composers and arrangers association. In 1995, he served as board of director in JSCAT, a Japan song writers and composers association. He was elected a board of director in JASRAC by 1,500 members.     http://www.jasrac.or.jp/ejhp/

In 2000, he built a music studio in Honolulu.In 2009, he produced Jazz singer, song writer: HIROMI KANDA's album in Honolulu, hiring Honolulu Symphony Orchestra for the album recording. The album included several original songs he wrote and arranged: That old Feeling, Cry, When I fall in Love, Blue Love(original composed), Here for You(original composed) and 13 more songs. On March 15,2010, the album was released by Warner Music Group USA, ADA, and released world-wide in late 2010. He produced Hiromi's second Jazz album titled, Days of Yesterday, at Capital studio in Los Angeles. He hired 50 most renowned Los Angeles musicians for Capital studio recording with special guests Joe Sample as engineer, Al Schmitt for mastering, Bernie Grandman. The album included song title, Days of Yesterday(original composed), All of Me, Night and Day, Memories of You and 11 more songs. In 2011, it was released world-wide by Warner Music Group USA, ADA. Since then, he has been composing and producing music for many artists. His  original hit songs are being used for TV commercials. Yusuke’s

newest song will be used in world-wide tourism promotion.